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Achieve Peak Performance using the warrior mindset and sport psychology


The W.P.P. 2-Part System: Your warrior mindset and your action plan


Your Mindset

Learn the Four Minds of a Warrior

* Mushin - Mind of No Mind - Flow

* ShoShin - Beginners Mind - Always Learning

* FudoShin - Immovable Mind - Grit and Perseverance

* ZanShin - Extended Mind - Power Continues

Your Action Plan

1. Genchi Genbutsu - Observe without Judgement 

2. Hoshin - Goal Alignment

3. Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

4. Hansei - Reflection

Working with Paul

Athletes and anyone interested in Peak Performance benefit from working with Paul.  He tailors and details the plan to fit each person individually.

How You Work with Paul

Paul works with people in person, over the phone and video conferencing.  



About Me

About Paul Sweetow, MA

Paul is a karate competitor who has won six consecutive AAU National Championships and is a World Champion.   He blends sport psychology with the warrior mindset to help his athletes perform at their peak.

Athletes Who Work with Paul

Paul has worked with professionals and Olympians.  He also enjoys working with younger serious minded athletes who are focused on performing at their very best.  

My style

Athletes that have a warrior mindset are focused under pressure.  They achieve peak performance in sports and are consistent.  Paul Sweetow is a world champion karate athlete, national team coach and teaches sport psychology to his athletes.  He continues to compete at the highest levels himself and walks his talk. 

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